Also via Lifehacker, here’s a very cool site called Mayomi that offers a utility that lets you create a mind map. Useful for self-organization, as well as for teaching writing in the classroom, if you do that sort of thing. Something tells me Cuccu would like it. :)

5 thoughts on “Mayomi

  1. Woah, I don’t understand why the URIs were so screwed up. Lifehacker must be munging URIs as well as email addresses. That’s weird… or not. Anyway, now I know to check the links and not trust them to copy to my blog automatically, as they should. Sorry about that!

  2. There are some sites that do that, and it’s annoying when you’re trying to link to them. :) Thanks so much on this one and the other!

  3. One can mind map just as well with pen and paper, but it’s nice to have a good-looking, free application available.

    The thought occurs to me that I should do some mind mapping of a couple of blog projects I’m working on.

    Another thought is that 3-D mind-mapping might be cool.

  4. 3-D would be excellent!

    I am thinking if I were teaching writing, I’d suddenly have a use for those big huge computers-and-widescreen-TVs that they installed in the main building’s classrooms lately.

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