If You See “Gord”

A bit later today, I’ll be heading off to Seoul for my first KOTESOL conference, which starts tomorrow and runs till Sunday. If you see a “Gord” walking around looking confused, amused, or starved for online access, it’s probably me. Walk up and say hi.

4 thoughts on “If You See “Gord”

  1. I was there yesterday, and I think I’ll be going back again today. My fiancee is not well, so I couldn’t be there as much as I might have been otherwise. There’s a presentation at 1pm I want to see, David Robert Hall’s Trends and Challenges in Teaching Language for Specific Purposes; it’s in Room B178 at 1pm today. If you happen to be going to that session, maybe we can meet! I’d like to meet EFL Geek, too, if he’s willing. But perhaps you’ll not be reading this until it’s all over.

  2. You’re right, I didn’t see this till I got home. Ah well… maybe next time.

    The first plenary was pretty damned interesting, wasn’t it? Too bad I spent a lot of time sick from Indian food. *sigh*

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