Elementary Camp — A Horde of Childe

Yes, we would be able to mount a Childrens’ Crusade or something. I’m not kidding! It’s now all Elementary School-level classes, with the Middle School camp program being canceled by City Hall, apparently to make way for the new English Village program in the city.

Last I heard the numbers were roughly 150 elementary school-aged kids, divided between 11 teachers. It will definitely have to be split into upper and lower level groups, or, perhaps, split in two different ways, sometimes split ABCDE/FGHIJK (such as in academic competitions), and sometimes split ACEGIK/BDFHJ (as for drama day, so two classes of the same level can perform the same play in different venues, saving us time in procuring play-texts and so on) or something like that.

Anyway, camp is on and we’ve got almost a full roster of teachers. But as for the Director situation, adjustments to curriculum, and other things, we have a lot of sorting out/planning left to do.

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