Julia’s Got It: Comment #2000

Julia’s comment on this post was comment #2000 on my blog. This entitles her to one very nice Korean handpainted fan which I’ll be posting her very soon. (I plan on posting a lot of things very soon, but I really will indeed be posting these things, doubt me not!)

I am glad that someone who has posted as many comments as Julia lucked out in this case, as she has made a strong impression on me as a regular reader, and a helpful one, too, pointing out link errors or suggesting other interpretations of things.

But I also want to extend my thanks to all my commenters and regular readers, you help make blogging a very enjoyable pastime, or perhaps what you do is give me a different perspective on the inner life I record about here. Keep on commenting: you may just end up poting comment #2500, or #3000, or whatever.

2 thoughts on “Julia’s Got It: Comment #2000

  1. 2000 comments, wow! How long did it take you to get there? I’ve got about 21 months and almost 1000 comments at least half of those are my replies to other commenters….

    Keep up the good work

  2. Well, half of these are mine, too. But I guess I went around commenting on a lot of other sites. I started my own website in March 2003, but added a blog (and soon centered the site on the blog) later that year, I think by summertime.

    I think the thing that gets the most commenters is going around commenting on others’ sites occasionally. Not that I do it for that — I enjoy commenting on others’ sites, basically. But when you do that, it reminds people to go check your site again.

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