The Crescendo

The best part of any symphonic work, in my opinion, is the big crescendo. That’s when every instrument is getting louder bit by bit, every part is getting slightly more complicated and powerful, and everything is weaving together into a Really Big Statement.

Well, of course, these happen in life, too. (We would scarcely find them in music if they did not happen in life first.) These days, I’m riding the crest of a big crescendo, and thus far I’ve kept mainly ahead of it; sometimes just barely, but still ahead. Job interviews, final exams, impending camp, preparations for a big trip with Lime to see my family, and all kinds of other things are all building up slowly: there’s tremolo in the strings, the second violins are clattering col legno, and the brass have just raised their instruments and are drawing breath.

In other words, I’m busy, but in what looks like it’s going to be a good, exciting, and interesting way. So if I’m updating less often than you might expect, don’t take it as a bad sign. It’s just a sign that, for now, things are on track. But I have a couple of book reviews, some teaching materials, and more headed down the pipe, as soon as I get around to whipping them into shape.

So until that update, check out my blogroll: there’s plenty of good writing going on all over the web, but taking as given that you enjoy my site, I’d wager my recommendations are probably going to bring you to something which will also suit you well.

See you on the other side of the decrescendo!

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