The Strangest Dream

I just woke from the strangest dream.

I was at a dinner party at which there were a large number of political refugees in attendance. It was a kind of international pot-luck dinner and though it was quite relaxed, not formal or stagged or anything, it seemed to me as if each person told his or her story to me (personally, individually) as I tried his or her home country’s food.

To make things more interesting, all kinds of nonsensical border wars were mentioned, such as border wars between Lebanon and Afghanistan (the story, rather harrowing, was told by a woman who looked a lot like Elaine from Seinfeld (Julia Louis-Dreyfus), in what must have been the best face-paint and voice-coaching makeover ever, as she was convincingly Lebanese.

I’m sure the real reason I dreamed it is because (1) I saw Julia Louis-Dreyfus recently in the recently (on my blog) mentioned TV-series Arrested Development, (2) I attended a kind of pot-luck dinner party last night, and (3) because I mentioned my sister working for the Mennonite Central Committee (an international development organization) while chatting at the dinner party, a sentence that never got finished because the doorbell rang. I really do hang onto those unfinished sentences.

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