I mentioned a baby…


When I mentioned my father’s passing, I also mentioned that my sister’s baby (Update… NB: NOT MY BABY! MY SISTER’S!) was found to be the picture of fetal health. Here’s a picture of the little’un, and for anyone who can exactly determine the baby’s sex, please let me know. My sister’s been puzzling over it for days, as her doctor told her that the picture contained the answer to that puzzle, and none of us can definitively say, not even Lime.

(For a closer look, and to puzzle it out, click on the photo above for a bigger version of the shot.)

Right now, she’s betting it’s a girl, and I have my bets hedged on boy, perhaps just to be contrary.

And by the way, the family’s doing relatively well at the moment. There’s a lot of practical stuff that needs to get dealt with, but it is getting dealt with, which is important and a good thing. I appreciate the comments that people have posted here very much and would like to thank people for their condolences and consolations.

4 thoughts on “I mentioned a baby…

  1. For a second I was hoping that you were about to announce a baby of yours! Well, it’s not yours, but it’s nice that you can participate in your sister’s joy just the same. Glad things are manageable right now, Gord, and keep on keeping on!

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