Strange Fact and Update

I’m not criticizing, but I do find it weird that running the obituary posted below for a few days in the local newspaper is more expensive than the cremation that my father requested. That’s just plain weird.

Thank you to all who have express condolences, concerns, emailed me personally, or donated money to the Red Cross in my father’s name. It is all appreciated, even if I haven’t yet emailed you my thanks.

My family is doing well, considering, and I’m going to be on a plane on Monday morning, heading back to Korea for my last few nights in Jeonju, and my move to Bucheon.

Lime’s got a day off for her graduation before she starts at the hospital, and we’re spending that day together. Then I’m moving to Bucheon, and quickly running to Japan for a work visa, unless a miracle happens and I’m issued a visa code before I fly to Incheon.

(Apparently, now you can be issued a work visa at the Incheon airport, without all that rigamarole of the blue paper and so on, but the stupid courier my old University in Montreal uses screwed up and my new employer therefore didn’t have the required two weeks for processing; my friend Astrid FedExed my transcripts so that my new employer at least had my transcript at all, but if I do end up with a number, it’ll come my way around Feb 27th or 28th. I am quite annoyed about Concordia University’s transcript office’s regular courier, and considering demanding my money back — from the courier, not the University. This crap is costing me, at the very least, a day trip to Japan. Why the hell do they keep using a service that sucks that badly?)

Anyway, the posting hiatus will probably continue for a while, mainly as I’m going to still be very busy running around the country, over to Japan, and preparing courses (and creating a website) for the classes I’ll be teaching as of March 2nd, and to which I have thus far not had a chance to consider beyond the hastily-composed syllabi.

3 thoughts on “Strange Fact and Update

  1. Good luck with it all.

    And when things settle, you need to take time to grieve. (I say this having not had time to grieve my FIL’s death about 6 months ago yet….)

  2. Oh, and my MIL was appalled at the cost of the obituaries. (One in AZ and one in Austin.) Did the obit in the paper have a picture? It was amazing how expensive it was without one, even.

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