Some ten things things

via Elizabeth Bear:

ten things I am mostly ignorant about

  1. Japanese history.
  2. Microbiology.
  3. Truck and tractor pulls.
  4. Sub-Saharan African political geography.
  5. Modern visual art.
  6. Parenthood.
  7. Contemporary Mainstream Literature.
  8. Belgian cookery.
  9. The War of the Roses.
  10. What has been going on with Macs in the last ten years since I jumped ship.

ten things I, like Clive Barker, don’t really know much about–but do know enough to get myself into trouble with:

  1. The Korean language.
  2. Wacky new cutting-edge physics.
  3. Raver culture.
  4. Central Asian political geography.
  5. Modernist poetry.
  6. Keeping a pet.
  7. The New Weird.
  8. The flashy side of Indian cooking. (I never make dal, but I can do up a passable butter chicken.)
  9. What kind of war the Second Korean War might be like.
  10. Ubuntu Linux.

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