Weird Moments, But Nice

Last night, I spent a bunch of time previewing a movie that I was planning to show a class today. I hadn’t seen the whole film in a while, and I got through it and managed to choose important scenes for discussion, but the problem was what it did to my mind today.

When I woke in the morning, for almost the first time since I’ve come here, I had this strange, sudden awareness that, Hey, I live in Asia. I mean, I’ve been aware of it, for a long time, but the awareness has continually just far enough from center to overlook it. Well, this morning it hit me, not hard, not strange, but just there. Huh.

And the other weird moment from today was when I was surfing the net. I saw a picture of a GI Joe somewhere, and suddenly, I remembered the smell of a new GI Joe doll — you know, the little hard plastic ones. You know the scent, when you opened the package and the fresh plastic aroma rose up into your nose. Probably a little toxic, but whatever… it was a nice memory.

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