I gotta check on whether I definitely, absolutely have the time off, and whether I can get to Seattle, Washington by July 18th, but anyway, I just got a call and I was invited to participate in the the Clarion West Writers’ Workshop. Which is, like, a very BIG deal. I feel complimented since they haven’t sorted out the list of attendees and therefore couldn’t say for sure whether a scholarship would be in the works.

So it looks like my schedule this summer will be, June 17th – July 28th — Seattle, Washington, followed by as quick a jaunt as possible over to Australia to catch my friends Charlie and Claire get married on August 4th, and then back to Korea a day or two after that, to settle in, prep some courses, and spend some time with ever-patient and understand Lime.

2 thoughts on “BIG NEWS!

  1. *smile* Yes it was. Which I hope it’s not arrogant of me to take as a compliment. They called me personally, and told me they were calling everyone just in order to, you know, connect; but since most people hadn’t been called yet, I’m guessing I was closer to the top of the list than the bottom. But who knows: the thing that matters is that they invited me.

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