Looking to Learn Chinese?

Try Chinesepod. I wish there was a good one of these for Korean. In fact, it’d be a great project for someone like Kangmi.

(via A Glimpse of the World.)

6 thoughts on “Looking to Learn Chinese?

  1. I would kill to find some authentic or near authentic Korean listening that was at the right level for me. If anyone knows where to find some good Korean podcasts or mp3s then please let me know at my korean learning blog 한국어 연습장

  2. I thought the Chinesepod idea was great when I first read about it, and also thought it would be great if there were one in Korean.

    Although I’m not quite ready to return to Korean study, my thoughts are veering in that direction (last night’s conversation with our aged Korean tenants pushed me even further in that direction). Perhaps I should launch a search for a partner…s/he wouldn’t even have to be local, as I assume we could record via Skype.

  3. Hi,
    I’d like to share with you some some useful tools to learn Chinese :
    Learn Chinese : Free Mandarin Chinese lessons. Each of the 15 units contain easy to understand dialogues, usage notes and a practice page.
    Chinese-English dictionary : An easy-to-use dictionary with over 34,000 entries. It can be searched by Chinese characters, Pinyin, or English. Audio pronunciation is available.

    Good luck. :-)

  4. Hi, thanks!

    However, I am not really trying to learn Chinese. I’ll leave this comment in case someone else can use these resources. I’d appreciate similar resources for learning Korean, however!

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