China and Google: “Obey the Country’s Laws and Traditions”

So, I presume everyone’s heard of the row between Google and China, over the (obviously state-sponsored) hacking of Google accounts in the hopes of nabbing those pesky Chinese democracy activists? If not, this article might catch you up. It contains at least one howler: The California-based company, which launched in China in 2006, said it […]

Got China?

A couple of them in this post on a blog I just discovered (in the Columbus, was-already-there sense), The China Beat. Particularly cool are the piece on Li Wei  at 1000 Words and Virtual Shanghai. Plus why Jonathan Spence absolutely, totally rocks like a motherf*cker. (More here.) Listen to Spence’s Reith lectures here… even if […]

Twelve Hours Later

Curious about the state of SF in China these days. Allow Joel to fill you in at Twelve Hours Later. Definitely my most exciting find online this month.

You Gotta Fight For Your Right To Fight For Your Right To…

Readers at LJ: click here to check out this post which has been gobbled up by the horrible Moloch that lives somewhere in Livejournal’s API. Yeah, I gotta say, after having been around some Tibetans in Northern India, and hearing their stories first hand… I am so not into the Tibetan Buddhist theocracy, and think […]

Looking to Learn Chinese?

Try Chinesepod. I wish there was a good one of these for Korean. In fact, it’d be a great project for someone like Kangmi. (via A Glimpse of the World.)