Display Problems?

A longtime reader sent me this JPG and asked why the text was bring cut off by the sidebar. She’s running Explorer. I don’t have anything with Explorer on it handy, and I’m wondering if anyone else is having this error?

Eclexys Screenshot

(click on the pic for the big, nasty version)

14 thoughts on “Display Problems?

  1. not happening for me either. I checked the latest explorer and firefox. You might want to ask what version of explorer and if it’s less than 6.0 tell the reader to upgrade.

  2. Safari, huh? I wonder why. Then again, I didn’t design the template or CSS. I am thinking this August I may change things, so I suspect I’m not going to worry too much about this. I inquired with the user who sent the image, but she hasn’t replied about which version of Explorer she’s using.

  3. The “user” is using Internet Explorer 6.0, SP2. When logged in this page seems to display without error, however, a return to the frontpage and it’s just like that jpg I sent you. By the way, my monitor is far from small, Nathan. Thanks for the suggestion. :)

  4. It’s a very weird problem, though. Hmmm. I twiddled with the background coloring, so maybe that’s it, or the YouTube ad might be to blame. I’m waiting to hear back whether removing background color helped or not.

  5. Thanks EFL Geek. I’m just wondering whether there’s any connection with Kassandra’s disaply problems and what I changed to fix the problem we discussed. I’m on top of it, just waiting for her to reply. But I’d wager it’s the embedded YouTube video that’s causing the problem, in reality, so worry not — it’ll probably be addressed shortly.

  6. Then I have absolutely NO idea what’s causing it. Do you have any strange default settings, like font size, set to something unusually high? That *might* explain it, but I have no solid idea.

  7. It was all down to the font size. Probably one of my friends tinkering with the settings when they were using my pc. Blimey. Thanks for all the suggestions, guys. Especially you, Gord.

    Kamsahamnida! :)

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