Deadlines are called that for a reason

Many of my students seem to have grasped that deadlines include the word “dead” for a reason. Still, not quite enough of them have grokked it. In my two huge writing classes, I’ve received less than 40 out of 50 final assignments which were due at noon today. Several of the students in my Media English class are still trying changing their minds and plans on a Final Project that’s due a week from today, and several students I met today hadn’t reviewed my comments on essays that they’ve had for a week and are supposed to have rewritten for me by next Wednesday.

All I can say is that I have told them time and time again that I am flying out on the 17th, and that late assignments will not get comments, and the later they are, the more they’re risking me not being able to grade their assignments at all!

Ah well… I should get some sleep. This weekend is going to involve a LOT of grading. (Though, at least, it’s only the elementary comp projects. Everything else –grading final speeches, final projects in media English, and final essays in the advanced comp class — is happening NEXT week/weekend. Whew! I think I did time all of this brilliantly! And, happily, next Tuesday is a holiday, which will give me an extra day for grading and for final grade calculaions…)

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