Almost there…

YAY! I have finalized all the grades I can tonight — which means all but three grades. Everything else has been submitted, has been marked, and has been shown to the student or will be shown tomorrow. Small adjustments might be required, but nothing earthshaking, well, as long as my luck holds out. (My luck holds out until the moment an adjusted grade affects the curve.)

So now, after having finished all of that grading, here’s my to-do list for the next few days:

  • Finalize 3 remaining grades: one for a student presentation to be delivered tomorrow, one for a presentation which may be delivered on Wednesday afternoon, and one for an essay which I suspect was plagiaranslated from Korea (plagiarised via translation, much harder to catch than other forms of plagiarism). Otherwise, all grades are assigned and everything’s pretty much ready to submit.
  • Turn in my grades and attendance records.
  • Proofread twenty-some pages of text and a humungous chart.
  • Get a new remote for my iAudio M3, so that I won’t have to go without music during Clarion West.
  • Finish reading Breathmoss & Other Exhalations by Paul Park. (I’m still only halfway done.)
  • See the opthamologist for the recommended one-month checkup on the eye that was troubling me, but which is mostly better but still dry and irritated. I need to get a ‘script for some more of that medicated eyedrop stuff, it helps a lot with the dryness.
  • See a dentist and get anything absolutely necessary done before I leave, since I’ll be without cheap dental care for something like 2 months. UPDATE: I never got a chance to do this. It’s unlikely I will, either. Ah well.
  • Get a ticket for Saskatoon booked. (My mother may have to do it, since no website seems to be accepting my girlfriend’s credit card.) Well, I finally got a ticket booked, but my sister had to do it for me. It’s finalized and paid-for, however. Phew!
  • Pack.
  • Finish researching my story ideas as best I can. (UPDATE: Well, here I am at the airport, still not satisfied that I’ve done that, but there’s always the nearby libraries in Seattle.) (UPDATE: Well, for better or worse, I am here. I have a few reference books, and a book being held for me at the local University bookstore, but beyond that, the research is over and the imagining is the remaining work now.)
  • Return all of my Uni library books.
  • Possibly (I just heard a rumor) pack everything in my office so it can be moved in time for the demolition. (I hope this one is not true. I flat-out do not have time for that.) UPDATE nope, didn’t have to do this…
  • Tidy my place a little, because a tidy place is always nicer to come home to than an untidy one.
  • Contact a few people who should know I’ll be out of country but who don’t read my blog.
  • Get wireless connectivity working on my Ubuntu Linux installation. (I haven’t bothered and now I only have a few days to do it, but there are, I think, how-to pages for my specific PC online.)
  • Burn a few backup DVD-Rs of music and video for entertainment during my 6-week stay in Seattle.
  • Cheer Lime up about the fact that I’ll be away for so damned long. (UPDATE: I think I managed to do this, but it may be an ongoing thing.)
  • Be on time to catch my damned plane. (UPDATE: In the airport with an hour to spare.)

I hope everyone reading this knows it’s mostly been posted for my own benefit, as a kind of self-reminder. I would probably be unsubbing from most blogs that posted stuff like this, though.

8 thoughts on “Almost there…

  1. I don’t unsub from blogs that post this sort of thing, it doesn’t seem to ever be more than 1/3 of the traffic of any blog I’m reading that does this. :)

    I have books and shirts to send you. Will you be checking e-mail once you’re in North America? I can send a list of books and you can let me know what to ship to you at Clarion and what to ship later to Korea.

  2. Julia,

    I’ll be getting onto the wireless network at the house where Clarion’s happening, as soon as I can, and will check email infrequently. However, I can send you the shipping address. If you want to just send everything there, it’s fine with me. I will have a big trunk for stuff and may even send a box from Seattle to myself in Korea, so it’s no problem.

    Thanks so much for those things, Julia. You’re very generous and kind, and a forgiving reader, since I still haven’t sent you your prize… but I will do so when I get back in midsummer.

  3. Ah! If you can give me the shipping address, I’ll get a bunch of stuff off to you early next week. (This week has gone south in a handbasket. Something about EVERYONE having strep….)

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