Do You Really Want to Know…?

How many readers are actually curious at what it’s like to have one of the more disturbing medical examinations a man can have across a language/culture barrier?

Show of hands?

And yes, it does involve the prostate.

(And I’m fine. Just wondering whether to blog this in the interests of, well, amusing people, or not.)

5 thoughts on “Do You Really Want to Know…?

  1. If it’s not a lot ickier than this, I’m cool with it. :)

    (I think that one was the ickiest on that blog to date, I haven’t seen the entry or entries since then to be sure it’s not the ickiest altogether. I love that blog.)

  2. Nowhere near as icky as that, but I think it may belong in the private section of this site, for selected subscribers only. And I’ll end up working it into some fiction anyway, sometime.

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