Refugees & Exiles

Ooops, it seems I forgot to post about this when my sister let me know, quite a while ago.

A couple of years ago, she approached me to write a short short story for the Refugees & Exiles teaching materials packet. It was apparently a program designed for teaching kids about what it’s like to be a refugee or exile. I think the long term goal was to get people aware of how life is for millions of people around the world early, so that they’ll grow up to be conscientious and aware adults who actually “get it” and feel something when they hear about refugees in far-off lands on the news.

Anyway, my story spans pages 3-4 of the Introduction PDF. It’s written for kids, mainly aiming for a strong emotional response as well as to mobilize some themes about food scarcity, language barriers, and a sense of fear, so I think some things are a bit hit-you-over-the-head obvious about it. I also wince when reading it, just as I wince reading anything I wrote before, oh, a couple of months ago, but anyway, it’s something written by me, floating out there on the web, so I thought I should link to it.

And for those used to only reading SF by me, it’s something without any SFnal content at all.

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