The Slave Register?!?!?

So, I go online searching for any information at all about where to ge a kneeling chair or kneeling stool (like this one) within Korea. I haven’t a clue, and most of the furniture places I’ve been only carry standard chairs. So anyway, what do I happen across? A post (I’m not even going to link to it) at The Slave Register. What’s that, you ask? Why, it’s a bulletin board for people who are WILLING SLAVES. You know, like the awful Goreans (as in “fans of Gor”, not “Koreans” misspelled) that I posted about long ago?

Idiots. Really, really, stupid. After all that fighting to eliminate slavery, these people roleplay it for fun.

And we wonder why the planet is in such a mess.

By the way, I think I found a kneeling chair model (finally!), but if I can get one for a little cheaper, I’d be happy. And I prefer not to buy anything like a chair until I can actually try it out someplace. Anyone have any ideas?

UPDATE: Lime found this chair, which she says in the Korean text suggests it’s good for my condition. I don’t see direct mention of it in the English, but that’s not surprising… and it does speak generally of problems in the pelvic area, which I figure includes prostate issues. I’ll run it by the doc this week and see.

3 thoughts on “The Slave Register?!?!?

  1. So, twelve years after posting this, another bout of idiotic trolling crap from a Gorean has prompted me to delete all the troll comments here… and to then close to the comments on this post. Everything but the first comment (from Stephanie, visible above) has been so wholly tedious and stupid that it’s just not worth leaving the comments open here, any more than leaving one’s gate open is worthwhile when one knows full well the random dogs of the neighborhood are inevitably bound to wander in and crap on the lawn.

    For those Goreans who see this post and feel aaaaangry about it? Remind yourself it was written in 2006, and nobody’s likely to run across it. Then go spill your half-literate bile elsewhere, please and thank you.

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