I don’t want to know what “lingerie piercing” is.


I wanted to respond to a long and thoughtful comment today, but instead, I ended up redrafting an article for the campus English magazine. The kids, their hearts are in the right place, and they do have some interesting things to say, but… well, there’s a lot of rewriting involved. I know more about cosmetic surgery, foot-binding, gender-reassignment surgery, scarification, branding, and all kinds of other forms of body-modification, much, much more than I ever wanted to know. Including a horrifying newfound familiarity with the term “lingerie piercing”. I’m almost scared to google that. No, wait, I googled it anyway, and it seems either they made it up, or else these nice, sweet young kids are tuned into some scary fetish underworld that even Google doesn’t know much about. (It’s not in the top hits, and I’m not looking further.)

When we use “google” as a verb, is it lowercase? Uppercase? Does anyone know or care?

And yes, I think everyone already knows that Koreans don’t approve of tattoos, but I didn’t have the heart to cut that from the article. I just wish the kid who’d written it had noted the irony that breast implants and eyelid hacks are an acceptable form of body-modifications, but tattoos and piercings are still, mostly, beyond the pale. (Though the belly piercing seems to be quietly forcing its way into acceptability over here, isn’t it? Yeah, it is.)

So now, it seems, I can go to sleep. The rest of the week is slow on preparations, and next week is empty of ’em… next week is Chuseok, the Korean version of Thanksgiving complete with ancestor worship, rice-cake moon thingies, and a small, quiet trip around Seoul with Lime on her days off. So I’ll try get to that comment tomorrow or the day after.

And no, I don’t want to know about lingerie piercing. PLEASE don’t tell me all about it in the comments. I’m serious. The things that excite people, in this world. I tell you…

8 thoughts on “I don’t want to know what “lingerie piercing” is.

  1. Well, I was preparing to tell you all about lingerie piercing until I got to the last paragraph of your entry. Bummer. *Giggle*

    According to the Oxford, it is “Google” when used as a verb. Webster’s New Millennium doesn’t capitalize the first letter. I wonder what the AP style is… *Goes off to ponder such mysteries*

  2. Heh. Actually, the writer of the student essay gave a vague description of it, which was quite enough for me. Something about ribbons strung through various body piercings… as long as that’s correct, I think I know enough. Thanks, though. :)

    Huh, I always regard the MLA and Oxford as the authorities on English language topics. :) But as an SF writer I know people are gonna use Google in lowercase when they use it as a verb, and I wanna stay ahead of the curve. What’s a guy to do?

    Okay, lowercase in fiction, and uppercase in the blog.

  3. LOL. I had no idea what lingerie piercing is; I just thought that last paragraph was funny so I rolled with it. I’m actually glad you told me though. Kinda interesting. I imagine ribbons being a lot softer than those thick metal rods people wear in their bodies.

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