Feeling Vaguely More Well-Travelled Now

I rarely draw attention to the photo section on this page, since I’m a horridly slow photo-uploader. I have piles of pics to upload to Flickr, and won’t be getting to any of them for a little while yet. (Though I’ll try to upload Charlie’s wedding pictures, and pics from my visit with Ian, first… I have most of the week off next week, so I might even get it done then.)

However, I love making little pics to add to the rotating image folder for my site. If you hit reload a few times, you’ll probably see some pics you haven’t seen before, because I added a good 40 pics from trips to Thailand, Saskatchewan, British Columbia, Australia, and also ramblings within Korea. (Nothing from Seattle, because I forgot my camera at my mother’s house. They’ll come… sometime. But anyway, I didn’t take that many then, for some reason beyond me.) There’s even a nephew shot somewhere in there, if you can stand to reload the page a bunch of times. The new pics are on higher rotation, though, so you’ll see them all eventually, if you visit regularly enough.

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