No, I Am Not This Guy

Every once in awhile, someone asks me whether I am the same guy who runs Acts of Gord. After all, Canadian ESL teacher in Korea with a background in RPGs, named Gord… how many can there be?

At least 2, is the answer. I am not that guy. Though, eerily, we both visited Sokcho this summer.

2 thoughts on “No, I Am Not This Guy

    1. Ha! Yeah, a lot of people seem to think we might be the same guy.

      What’s weirder is that I’ve never actually run across him socially. Well, maybe that’s not so weird: there’s a lot of westerners in Seoul, and I interact with relatively few of them, plus there aren’t a hell of a lot of events that would bring us together. (I don’t know of any active RPG groups in English in Seoul, for example… though a google search gives me this. I’m not quite ready to dive into that, though: my time is too short as it is.)

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