BigHominid on… crapping’ your pants.

BigHominid linked to someone who noted that crapping one’s pants in public is a universal crisis, one that transcends all human boundaries. Actually, it reminds me of something I realized, I think, in late elementary school. A teacher had walked out of the bathrooms of our little school house, and whether it was his or not, there was a big poo left behind in one of the toilet stalls.

It was then that I realized: teachers go to the toilet and take stinky dumps, just like anyone else. Priests do it. Nuns do it. Parents. Pretty girls do it. Ugly thugs two grades up from you do it. Little kids do it. Queen Elizabeth does it! Oh my God. Everyone does it.

This was a kind of extension, in my mind, of how my mother spoke of human equality: “You’re not better and no worse than anyone else,” she’d say, and this recognition on my part bore it out.

Would that people would bear this in mind when looking at politicians, who are somehow imbued with an almost-holy importance in many minds. Nah, this guy, this lady, they occasionally drop a really stinky bomb. They’re as human, as mammalian, as the rest of us. Now, what are they talking about, and how much of it actually makes sense?

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