After a week of grading, and a week sick, I thought I’d ease myself back into exercise. Well, even so, it was rough. My heart was beating so hard after only ten minutes each on the treadmill and the stationary bicycle that the pounding in my chest was distorting my vision. That seems like a very bad sign to me, but anyway, it must be related to having been sick lately, as I didn’t push myself anywhere near as hard as I did last time.

But I did take the hint, and call it a day. I shall go very easy on myself for a bit, I guess. No need to end up in the hospital, right?

Scary, that was.

2 thoughts on “Alarums&c.

  1. Yeah, won’t do you any good if you have a kill over–those ain’t no fun, son. One thing you might want to do is make sure you’re really hydrated before you work out. Sometimes not drinking enough water will sap your energy so fast it feels like your insides are shutting down. Good to see you’re back on the old treadmill though.

  2. Hydration, okay. I actually was scared off for a day and then thought I’d better be careful but continue… and then had meetings with students all week. Now I have to get my eye-medication prescription updated and pick up my passporrt — opposite sides of the city, of course. So I may get to the gym tomorrow…

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