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I’m up late recovering files from my memory card. Something bad happened with my camera, something I cannot explain except that it’s a known bug with my model of camera. (Argh.) Anyway, I’m trying to find a piece of software that will save the files for me, for free — not a demo, not a trial version, actually free — and it’s driving me mad.

Anyway, while doing this, I ran across timetravelershow podcast episode containing a speech by Isaac Asimov. Now, I didn’t pay attention to the date it was delivered until I heard something worth adding to my random rotating quotes list. When I went back to get the details from the beginning of the podcast, I discovered something shocking — the speech was, in fact, an Eisenhower Symposium Lecture titled “On Utopian Change? at John Hopkins University, March 3rd 1974.

This was probably in the afternoon, that is, on March 3rd, 1974, and what that means is that this speech was delivered at the same time that I was being delivered, or at the latest, during the early few hours of my life. I mean, it’s weird, seriously weird to find something almost precisely as old as oneself. You find books from the same year as you were born in, or coins, but within a few hours of your birth? That’s quite unusual.

Therefore, I’ve got a bit of a soft spot for this lecture. It’s amusing, and I do think Asimov’s a pretty good public speaker, regardless what I think about some of his story.

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