Submissions Out, So Back to the Grind

It’s pathetic to admit it, but the real reason I finally got off my butt and sent subsmissions out was because we had a challenge set up among my classmates from my Clarion West class, that we would send at least six stories out within the first three months after the end of the workshop. I barely made the deadline, but actually, it’s a good thing I held off. I caught a couple of things, such as the fact that in the beginning of “Soul Competency”, my Second Coming With a Twist story, the guy teaching English to The Lord claims that He still hasn’t mastered a certain English phoneme. I looked it up and discovered that this is a very common and subtly-used phoneme in most forms of Aramaic, after all. (I stuck in one that Aramaic speakers, especially ancient Aramaic speakers, would likely struggle more with.)

I also made a few other small fixes like that. I also noticed, just in time, that I’d put the wrong submission into a couple of envelopes — submission to magazine A was in envelope B, submission to magazine B was in envelope A. Caught it, though, thank goodness, and I posted them off all offduring my lunch break, at the campus post office.

I’m going to try work up a few more stories before Christmas, so that I can send some things out to other magazines, as well as get one story in to the latest Tesseracts call for submissions. So I’m going to be a busy little bee for the next couple of weeks. This will be good for me, as it’ll seem less of an issue when I am waiting to get responses back on my submissions.

By the way, from my records, I have six eight stories out right now:

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