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Just sticking my head above water to say I’m busy. I have sent out six stories today, to seven different markets (one was a simultaneous submission), and tomorrow I have a lecture to attend in the afternoon, and then some kind of Department variety show that I need to act as one of the judges for in the early evening. (The top three prizes are the equivalent of $100, $75, and, I think, $50 US.) The talent show almost got canceled because too few students signed up, but I managed to force some of the students in my English Through Drama course to sign up for a short preview of their final exam performance, which is in a couple of weeks. I also talked at least one of my students into it by telling her that her presentation from a few weeks earlier stood a chance of winning a prize, and talked another student out of quitting not only for the sake of giving her an experience in public speaking — the more one gets, the better — but also because her speech, which I helped her prepare, looks like it’ll be one of the more entertaining ones.

Anyway, I’m busy, but I’m doing okay. Oh, and I got a card in French from one of my aunts in Quebec, and I managed to read it all without help or a dictionary. Which is pretty cool. Must write back to her.

But for now, a little relaxation and, well, I hope, some gloriously deep sleep.

I think for the next month or so, I’ll be focusing on revisions. I really want to get “Ogallala” and my Korean Superheroes stories revised and sent out. The plan for January, aside from traveling, is to finish up my research into the Comfort Women issue and make the necessary (small, I hope) adjustments to that Clarion Story, as well as do the touch-ups on my Clarion Jazz-and-Aliens story, and get those two out the door as well. But January and February, I’m going to be traveling, so I may not get as much writing done as I hope… especially in January. I’ll be bringing my PC to Canada in February, for sure, though using it less, but I’m not sure that I want to bring my PC to China if I go there for a couple of weeks. If I do bring it, I’ll have to carry it around everywhere I go, and that doesn’t sound so fun. But we’ll see.

UPDATE (Later That Day): I’ve also cleared out almost all of the “completed” tasks in my Progress Bars section. Might as well put something up that reminds me not to be blogging too much when I could be focusing on my stories and other writing projects.

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  1. Thanks, but that’s what comes of not sending anything out for a long time, then revising a couple of those things. A lot of what I *did* send out was pretty short. I’d say sending out six today was more of a case of procrastination than anything, though.

    But all the same, thanks! It’s nice to be a rock star in someone’s book… :)

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