Not Bad, But Taking It Easy

I haven’t posted here in a distressingly long time.

On Thursday, 28 December, I was finally finished grading and over the very congesting cold I’d caught, and I decided to go to the gym. I did 20 minutes of oscillating speeds on the treadmill, and about 10 minutes on the stationary bicycle.

However, I’d been noticing something weird, which has prevented me from going back in the last few days. About my heartbeat — mostly that I’m aware of my heart beating in my chest something like 60%+ of the time these days, and that the slight tightness in my chest might actually be cardiovascular, and not respiratory. I may be wrong, I probably am and I really hope so, but it’s just a little unnerving. So I’m going to go get that checked out before I do anything as strenuous as running on a treadmill. But of course, I can’t get a real test until December 2nd, when the doctors will be back in the hospitals. Until then, I’ll have to just relax and hope nothing serious is going wrong inside me.

Anyway, on December 29th I went for a long, calm walk around Bucheon, and on December 30th I climbed the mountain behind campus and took some pictures of the long, slow sunset and of the nature all around me, which was both mild exercise and very relaxing.

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