Anyone Order Me a Book Lately?

I received a few things in the mail today. A disappointingly limited selection of my own compositions — lots of things from my third year compositions, but absolutely nothing from my second year, which means that when my box of audio tapes were turfed last year, the recordings of my earliest compositions were utterly lost — as well as the last issue of InterZone (but not the new one) and finally, a very dated issue of Lady Churchill’s Rosebud Wristlet along with Ray Vukcevich’s Meet Me in the Moon Room from Small Beer Press.

It’s not as weird as it originally seemed. I opened the Priority mail envelope and saw that there was a second one inside, both addresses on it unfamiliar to me.  But then when I opened that, I realized it was a book and magazine. But one I hadn’t ordered one myself.

I have a vague suspicion, and if I had to guess, I know who I’d name first, but I’d rather ye step forward. Anyone? I’d like to thank you.

Right, I gotta go move the last few things down the hall, and do some more unpacking.

Expect recordings of my (somewhat ponderous) 3rd year recital compositions and performances to be added to the site soon. And maybe I’ll even find a way to snag a recording of two performances I REALLY want from video… the quality will suck, but a recording is a recording. (Or maybe I’ll program the good bits in MIDI since Lime will have an electric piano with MIDI capabilities soon. Anything better than Finale these days in terms of notation software? I’m sure there’s nothing in Linux at all… sigh. And I’m getting the urge to rework that first major composition — the minimalist guitar-and-two-pianos thing — for two pianos and string quartet.)

5 thoughts on “Anyone Order Me a Book Lately?

  1. me me me!

    With Meet me in the Moon Room I was hoping to find something that you would like, that would be new, that you probably wouldn’t pick up yourself. Let me know how I did! :) I haven’t read all the stories in there. But his story The Wages of Syntax (archived in SciFiction) is one of my favorites.

    The LCRW was an afterthought I threw in so you could see that market – I chose that one cause it has a Molly Gloss story in it, so even if you liked nothing else in it, you would hopefully enjoy that story.



  2. Cuccu, I’ve sent you an email. Let me know if you didn’t get it.

    Tina! I thought it was you. Thanks so much. Vukcevich is new to me, and I’ll let you know what I think of it. (I have another book I have to read and tell Ian my opinion of first, but it’s high on my pile now.)

    I was very amused by the LCRW being included, because I had just recently queried about the zine and whether or not I might be able to subscribe overseas with the chapbooks-included level. Now I can peruse the sample issue you sent at leisure, and decide whether I wanna. :)

    I must confess that between moving and being sick, I’ve not sent you what I was planning, but I should get around to it by the beginning of next week.

  3. Super! I have the chocolate-included level subscription, which I am quite fond of. :) I think it’s a really neat idiosyncratic market, and I thought you might try them with some of your poetry. Or, other things.

    And no problem on the other! Hope you’re feeling better and I look forward to it whenever it comes. :)

  4. I have a copy of that e. e. cummings book I mentioned to you in e-mail. I’m waiting for something else to arrive here, and then I’m going to bug you for an address to send stuff to. :) (I think the other thing will be here by Tuesday, Wednesday at the latest.)

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