Ow Ow Ow

Back pain. Doing better. Not writing or posting much. That’s why.

Reading a lot, though, while stuck on my back doing stretches and resting my weary back muscles.

I’ll update on recent readings when I am feeling better… as well as launch into revisions of “Lester Young”, post long-overdue crits to friends, and start in on a new short story somewhere between Lovecraftian horror and War On Terror ™. Also, realized I’d started my story “Jing the Quae” way too early in the timeline… the real story happens months after the end of the period of time I drafted as the “end” of the story. But hey, that’s the ice under the water, and it’ll make it a better story.

Gaah. Pain. Shutting up. Going away. Lying down. Stretch.

Ahhh, better. Remind me, when I’m no in spasms of pain, to lose some weight. And strenghten my gut, while I’m at it.

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