Pushing Hell and Sponsor-Fishing

I wasn’t going to post the Postcards from Hell schedule, but I see that some others have, so what the hell, right? Get it, hell?

August 4 – Wilted Lily by Henry Gee
August 11 – One Thumb Up by Nick Mamatas
August 18 – Dickey Size It by RJ Sevin
August 25 – Dyscrasia by Gord Sellar
Sept 1 – Footprints by Ann Leckie
Sept 8 – Fitness is Its Own Reward by John Platt
Sept 15 – One Step at a Time by Billy O’Calaghan
Sept 22 – Ten by Kathryn Eason
Sept 29 – The Cabinet of Dr. Calamari by Andrew Ferguson
Oct 6 – R.D.J. by Sherry Decker
Oct 13 – Zombies Versus Dinosaurs by David Snyder
Oct 20 – Herbert by Dean Cochrane
Oct 27 – Satan’s Typist by Hannu Rajaniemi

That puts my story on Postcard #4, but hey, look at all those stories: some of the names suggest gooey, freaky, unwholesome fun, right? Plus there’s one more, too: Dark Wine by Paul Lewthwaite has been added! I tell you, it’s a steal! Go subscribe.

In other news, I’m still looking for sponsors for the write-a-thon, which begins tomorrow. I have a few, but not many, and I could do with some encouragement, really. Anyone out there want to help support a very important hothouse of creative writing development? It’s a very good cause, believe me. If you’re up for it, please, sponsor me. You can throw in a flat amount for the six weeks, or else just a few bucks a week, or whatever you feel like. I’ll even name a character after you — and there will be a few Westerner characters after all, so I may not have to Koreanize it, either!See more here. It’s a tax write-off and everything, people. So go ahead… here.

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