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UPDATE: The video is back online, but embedding is now disallowed, by the author’s request. Too bad. But you can go see it here.

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They want to make abortion illegal. Sooooo, then… what should the punishment be, of thoughtful and long-devoted Christians?

(For those reading this on LJ, the video won’t embed, so here’s a link. Except, ha, someone put a copyright claim on it. Yeah, RIGHT.Makes me wish I’d downloaded it so I could upload it again somewhere, a few times. Anyway, here’s an article on the same issue, and hopefully the copyright claim gets resolved, or until the video is available elsewhere.)

Yeah, that’s REAL well-thought out. Their answers reveal what looks to me like a deep-down agreement that abortion isn’t “really” an equivalent crime to, say, murder, despite their desire to represent themselves otherwise. At the very least, they haven’t thought very hard about this stuff. Or, actually, their answers — focused on religious notions like “they need our prayer” or “their punishment is already upon them” — is an obvious indicator that that just failed to grasp the difference between their personally-chosen, theologically-guided judgment, and a legal system that governs all people.

And I’m not even that big a fan of abortion, either. There are much better forms of birth control. But these are the same people who don’t want improved sex education in schools and think preaching abstinence works. (When not only do we all know it doesn’t, but in fact, studies show it doesn’t.)

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