A Day of…

A day of worthy things:

  • Go read Tina Connolly’s Growing Days, which is a poem up at Strange Horizons
  • Go check out The Grand Narrative, which is the best new(ish) blog about Korea that I’ve seen in ages. Were I not so full-steam-ahead on the writing-SF thing, this is the blog and the kind of self-directed study I’d be embarking on. I even found a great book recommendation or two on there.

Equally worthy, but less fun, I now know full well I need to cut back on my writing production as all the sitting is once again having the same kind of effect it did last year, at the workshop. It’s not anywhere near as bad, but I’m still in discomfort. The nice thing is, I know the chair I bought is helping, and I know that my constant walks are doing some good in that area too. And there’s the comfort of the doctor’s words: For most men this particular problem doesn’t persist into their 40s.

Those of you who have prostates, be good to them.  Don’t sit too much at a time!

7 thoughts on “A Day of…

  1. Hi, thanks for mentioning the blog. Like I said there, that WAS Slant by Greg Bear, I’m quite the SF fan myself, I have books by some of the authors you mention and listen to EscapePod too, although for obvious reasons I haven’t read as much as I’d like to have since I came to Korea 7 years ago. But I was so into it that back when I was 18 I was planning to become an astronomer and studied physics as a freshman…until an ankle injury pushed me towards Korean studies :)

    I must confess though, I didn’t know that you were into SF and even writing it yourself until I looked more closely at your blog. But that’s kinda what attracted me to it in the first place, there’s so much to it (its quite daunting to be honest) that it can be fun exploring. I’ve just spent an hour doing so and I suspect I’ve only just scratched the surface.

    Also, I’m actually quite jealous too. Like any pretentious graduate, I would LIKT to be a writer myself, but as Stephen King says in his 2000 autobiography “On Writing,” if you don’t write as often as possible and love doing so, then you’ll never be a writer. And me? I only love wrting academic essays, mostly because of the understanding of the subject which comes with doing so. But you really are a writer and seem to write every day. My blog and self-driven learning can’t really compare!

  2. The notion of an ankle injury pushing one to Korean studies is… huh?

    It’s cool to find another SF reader out here, especially one with a Korean studies bent. If you see any SF in my Librarything account that you’d like to borrow, I’m happy to lend, as long as you know I hunt, kill, and eat people who abuse my books. (Well, usually I just denounce them often and loudly, and even then only if it’s things I hadn’t yet read myself or non-secondhand paperbacks…)

    Mutual jealousy is cool, but my “writing” career is still, er, well, we’re looking at ways of getting a rocket booster and some solid fuel. “It’s very not easy,” as they say in certain classrooms around here. (My classrooms, often enough.) I do write a lot, though, and they say that’s a good sign.

    Glad you like the blog. I’m still recuperating from my recent write-a-thon but I’ll be popping by your blog more often after I manage to cull my newsreader subs down to sanity.

  3. Sorry, my joke wasn’t very good! I’m a morning person, but that was 11:55pm and I get a little too creative and too impressed with my own jokes at that time of night. If I finish a mammoth post on my blog in the evening, it’s usually very wise of me to restrain my urge to get the thing up on the blog and wait to edit it until the morning!

    I got it from the Far Side cartoon, where “little known to historians, Einstein was pursuing a professional basketball career before an ankle injury forced him into Science.”

  4. By the way, I can’t find YOUR librarything account. I would look on the site itself for gordseller, but for some reason the page is loading up right now. Could you please pass it on?

    I don’t plan to borrow books thanks, but it would be interesting to see what books we’ve both read.

  5. It’s loading now, and its gordsellAr, yes? Sorry for all the comments, I have a 4 day weekend today but have a lot of admin on my own blog to sort out and its good to take a break!

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