This Guy Looks So Much Like Me I’m A Little Freaked Out…

Poking about on LibraryThing, I found a link to this tutorial: A Poster Showing Every Book I’ve Ever Read.

I’m not going to do that, it’d be too big. But the reason I’m linking is that THIS GUY LOOKS LIKE I DID AT HIS AGE. (Which he handily mentions in his post being 25.) Like, enough to weird me out. At least, the bit of his face visible in this shot:

Adam at Tailors Today

If he’s got a lazy eye, this guy’s gonna have to be my homey or something. (You know, people who have to be willing to defend one another in firefights, raise one another’s children if one of them gets taking out battling bad guys, or whatever.)

Well, maybe not, but that is a striking, odd resemblance.

For comparison:

but with this stubble:

Well, there you are.

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