Story Online!

That’s right. Go and read my story, Junk (PDF | text) , which is online at Nature.

Though it’s not my first sale, it is my first story to appear in print, and it couldn’t have a better home!

5 thoughts on “Story Online!

  1. Congratulations! Reminds me of some stuff I’ve been reading lately. I’m a bit fried at the moment, however, and can’t think what. Not fiction.

    Good place to start, that Nature.

    Where do I send the write-a-thon money to? I missed it if you mentioned it.

  2. Oh, Cuccu! The place to send money to Clarion West is via the PayPal link, here. Eeek. I shall have to look at see… I can’t remember which story I used your name in, aside from in the plans for my novel, but it was an early one.

  3. Marvin,

    Thanks, and no problem! :) And good to see you around! I keep meaning to email you, and then get swept up in millions of other things. Will do it, soon.


    I’ve downloaded it. I haven’t read Brin’s stuff in ages. Marvin knows why, but it’s a very long story. In any case, it’ll be on my MP3 player when I take off next week. I’ve decided audiobooks and Escape Pod are the way to go for this. By the way, since you like SF, James, have you checked out Cory Doctorow’s podcasts of his work? It’s linked in my sidebar.

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