What Brings You Here?

Right, so I’m doing the obligatory “what search keywords brought people here” list. Some of them are really pretty damned funny. The first list are understandable, even if they’re weird:

  • korean dabang girls
  • praying mantis eats hummingbird
  • the punishment of plagiarism in government publication
  • bulgogi
  • seamus heaney viking dublin
  • happy birthday song in korean words
  • hwang sin hae band jjambbong
  • gnome or ubuntu workout tracker
  • tardigrade video
  • altissimo register fingering chart for alto saxophone
  • noh mu-hyun
  • anti chrisian in korea
  • canadian teachers in korea
  • www.gordsellar.com

With the exception of the last search — I can understand why searching my URL would bring someone to my site… but why not just type it directly? — most of the above make some kind of sense. They’re things I’ve blogged about, or written about, or they coincidentally resonate, such as”dabang” having been the name of a band I played with for several years, or my discussion of how Koreans sing happy birthday in a different meter than Westerners.

But there are also some very weird ones, ones I’m surprised brought someone to my site — I imagine some of the hits were pretty far down the list. Look at these strange keyword searches: 

  • jonathan goldstein adam and eve
  • rape seen
  • tight shirts
  • alien anal probe
  • writing your own reference
  • writing a eulogy about a father
  • jeon ji hyun same bed
  • father eulogy poems
  • regret double eyelid surgery
  • why sing
  • jim jil bang for couple in korea
  • resume examples showing little experience and more schooling
  • famous people from pyongyang
  • chimpanzee rape
  • denise brown splint
  • eulogy for my father
  • pin-up girl in tabloid
  • decline christianity korea
  • authors consider plagiarism to be a grave offense because
  • economics of cheating -game
  • english courses in slough for foreigners
  • reason fake diploma korea
  • korea ktx failure
  • jeon ji-hyun porn
  • how to start electric start snowburst
  • immigration detintion center
  • eulogy to a dad
  • orangina beverage
  • room salon girl
  • teaching how to write a resume
  • korea porn artist
  • woolly bully meaning
  • korean pinup
  • how to write a counterfactual history

On that last one, I’m pretty sure I have some idea, but I’m not telling. Go read some.

Generally, it’s weird. Lots of weird sexual searches, lots of random Korea-related stuff, but also a lot of people googling to get some ideas for eulogies for their fathers. And then there are some that are just bizarre. I’d like to know “how to start electric start snowburst” but I suspect it unfortunately involves serious psychoactive medications.

How about you, dear reader: what brings you here?

2 thoughts on “What Brings You Here?

  1. I suppose I came here because you looked me up on facebook, but if I keep coming back its because I like the fact that I can have a conversation in the comments section. On other blogs you can feel drowned out by the volume of other people posting on the comments section.

    As for the reason I link to you on my little links section – I’d rather link to smaller sites where I know the writer rather than send people to big sites that don’t really need my help promoting them.

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