Yay Interzone!

Yay to Interzone, for accepting my story “The Country of the Young” — a story I wrote for week 2 at Clarion West 2006. I couldn’t be happier, as I’ve been a fan of Interzone since I first got my hands on a copy, and the feedback included was very encouraging.

Lime and I celebrated by sharing some North Korean liquor (bought near Sokcho, at the northernmost point in South Korea, and yes, it’s a kind of touristy gimmick, but yes, it’s real NORK booze, and it cost about 12,000 won, which is about $12). Only a little — the taste was very… um… special.

This means I’ve sold two out of my six Clarion West stories, which is not bad, considering I only just sent the third of six out a week ago!

And what am I doing now? I’m going to watch an episode of a new TV show I discovered thanks to the flea king, called “Pushing Daisies.” Then, I’m off to edit something into final shape, and to prepare self-evaluation forms for my debate course midterm exams, which are happening tomorrow and Wednesday.

UPDATE: Oh yeah, I forgot to mention, I also won a DVD in a contest held by Interzone. I’m having a very good October, it seems!

4 thoughts on “Yay Interzone!

  1. I’m wondering if it was more “special” than the blackberry mead that didn’t come out quite right that I sampled earlier this month. (That was very disappointing, because I’ve had good blackberry mead, and I would have been all over buying some if it had been any good.)

  2. Julia,

    I hope your blackberry mead was less special. It was just… ugh. But that’s my experience with mead — some is good and some is very not-good.


    Thanks! But you saw me the other day; I am, indeed, big enough as it is. ;)

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