8 thoughts on “Toilet Rules

  1. Ah, I get it. This is yet another ploy in an attempt to convince us that you actually use toilets. I will not be fooled!

    (The narrator sounds like Henry Czerny from Mission Impossible I.)

  2. been using this video with my advanced class for a couple of semesters now. it’s really funny and you can download a high res version from the producers site.

  3. Students love it. guys like it more than the girls, but the girls get it too. I did it as part of the “your favorite youtube” event. Each student chose one and that’s the one I chose.

  4. If I knew of a Korean male student going to study abroad, then I would definately make sure he watched this, but as I’m ostensibly supposed to teach my (mixed) students how to pass the listening section of their University test that they’ll take in 2 weeks, then I don’t really get the chance to bring it up.

    But I do hint at it when I tell them not to take their pink clothes with them, which like you saw on my blog strangely comes up in a LOT in their practice exam papers!

    Pink clothes or being too friendly in the toilet aren’t necessarily bad things…but it really is a different country out here, eh?

  5. Yeah, it is a different country. I too think the pink clothes aren’t a big issue — though seriously, I still don’t get it after all this time. As for the toilet friendliness, I’m not sure I don’t think it’s weird how weirded out we are about it. But anyway, as Charles recently observed, I don’t pee, so it’s not much of a big deal to me.

    Actually, when I discussed this video with Lime, she said there’s a “movement” in Korea that encourages men to sit down when they use the toilet. Sin Hae Chul (some kind of rocker/social commentator) is one example. I didn’t know there was a movement, but apparently there’s a movement of “enlightened men” in Korea do this, especially at home.

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