Kangnam Microbrew with Charles

Charles at Liminality posted about our recent meetup in Kangnam at a beer/food buffet called Platinum. It’s a pretty good discussion — with pictures, good pictures — of a place well worth visiting (if you like beer) and all I have to add is that:

  1. Scots are human too. In fact, if you’re notScottish, you’re crap. Well, not really. But we are human, even if we are oatmeal savages. And I’m only half-Scottish too.
  2. Recent tests show that French-Canadians are human too. I could have told you. Their interfertility with Scots is a good sign, and I am living proof.
  3. I do pee. Really.
  4. Mmmm, beer good. Food okay. Wheat beer gooooood.
  5. It was good to see Charles again, and he very patiently put up with my rants on Protestant Christian extremists in Korea.
  6. It’d be cool to see another of Charles’ met-in-real-life blogfriends, der Big Hominid, at Platinum.
  7. Mmmm, beer good. Wheat Beer Goooooooooooood.

5 thoughts on “Kangnam Microbrew with Charles

  1. Scots are human?! Why didn’t I get the memo?

    Something tells me that we’re very unlikely to see the Big Ho at Platinum any time soon–he doesn’t drink, and the food alone is not enough of a reason to shell out 30,000.

    Glad you enjoyed the Wheat Beer. Were there any (besides the Morphine) that you didn’t try?

  2. He doesn’t drink? I didn’t know that. (Though maybe he’s mentioned it and I just pushed it out of my mind.) Ah well. Somewhere else, maybe, then.

    There was one beer I didn’t try, but I don’t remember which one it was. Either the ale or the pilsner. I think the pilsner.

  3. No, you had the pilsner. I remember that because I wanted to get a wheat beer when you were getting the pilsner, and I suspected that the barman misheard me and pulled both our beers from the same tap (in retrospect, though, I don’t think he did). So it must have been the ale.

    We’ve got ourselves quite a party here, don’t we? Kevin doesn’t drink, you don’t pee, and I…

    Well, I’m sure I’ll think of something.

  4. Kevin,

    That can’t be true. I’m sure you get some of your water intake from the stuff in your victims’ innards.


    Yeah, then it was the ale. As I mentioned, my memory is getting worse these days.

    There is definitely something you don’t do, but I’m scared to find out what it is.

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