Twenty Minutes to Boarding

The Business Lounge — where I can go, for only the second time in my life in the Incheon Airport — is the best way to spend the 40 minutes or so I had till boarding time, when I got through security and immigration. But i’s not quite as fun as it was when I was in this lounge with Lime, who was marveling at the free food, free cans and bottles of everything, and so on.

I’m traveling again, this time to Laos, and it’s just under twenty minutes to boarding. I’ll be doing some vegging, some writing, and some wandering during this trip. Looking forward to it, even if I will miss Lime, who’s staying in Bucheon to study for an exam she has coming at the end of next month.

Well, anyway, I should probably go find my gate or something. I’ll be spending the night (from something like 1:00 or 2:00 am to 7:30am) in a similar lounge in the airport in Bangkok, enroute to Vientiane, so I can always append any thoughts I have then.  While looking for a shower or something, because I’ll definitely be wanting one. Unlikely, I know, but hope springs eternal until it’s squashed.

And yes, if you’re one of the people who’s supposed to be getting some piece of writing from me, I’ll be working on it on the plane. The stuff for the Strange Foreigners in Korea thing, check; the piece for my XY column, check; “Winter Wheat,” check.  Lots to do, whilst relaxing, but I’ve made a promise to walk a minimum of an hour a day even on the full-on writing days. I hardly can imagine walking less than that, on vacation.

Oh, one more thing, Lime: they made me check my clothing bag. Your “little” backpack must have been small, or they’ve gotten stricter, maybe.

More later. Happy rest of January, everyone.

2 thoughts on “Twenty Minutes to Boarding

  1. Oh,really?
    Sorry about that. :(

    BTW, I would’ve been enjoying food in the lounge a lot, I was very hungry when I got home.

    Safe trip!

  2. No worries, honey, it’s all fine. I was actually happier not having to carry that second bag around, except for the lackof clean socks and my sandals to change into.

    And I’m here in Laos now, for anyone who’s curious.

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