Webdesigner Pal, Anyone?

I need to update my site.

Nothing to drastic, actually just some basic modification of what I’ve already got up, though it will be quite different once it’s done. Slick. Hip. Bad. Unlikely to need a new template update for ages, if I get my way. I don’t imagine it’ll take a ton of work, either, but I’m not sure I’m up to the task alone. My CSS-fu is more like  CSS-pyew, to be honest, and I’m impatient at coding new templates with new CSS because I only vaguely kinda sorta know enough to look up what I need to do to get what I sorta-but-not-quite want.

So, dear readers, if you or a friend of yours would like to help me, I’m willing to pay. Not my arm, not my leg, not my ostensible soul… just money.

You know where to email me.

One thought on “Webdesigner Pal, Anyone?

  1. Sorry I can’t help you out, Gord. I’m so useless at code I ended up using burnt toast as my blog image.

    Your site looks pretty impressive as it is. I’m thrilled to get the dang thing to post without hanging up or mucking with the formatting.

    Good luck with your site development.

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