The Value of a Good-Looking Site

So, a couple of weeks ago, I decided it was time that our film production website got a makeover. I’d slapped the original site together in the heat of the moment, when we uploaded our first web short to Youtube, knowing that we needed some kind of a link on which to hang our online […]

Links Updated

As a break from thinking about the film Yesterday, I threw in a plugin to help me manage the link order in my blogroll. I deleted a couple of links I no longer visit — some just because, some because the things I’ve seen at the far side of the link has infuriated me — […]

Upgraded, Listserv Added

Testing the status of the blog after upgrade. I’ve just upgraded the site to WordPress 2.6.1, which means a few plugins and things will probably need sorting in the next day or two. Excuse the mess, and please bear with me, as other commitments (especially working on a certain academic paper due next weekend) is […]

Forced Upgrade In Progress

I may not be blogging as much as usual for the next few days… I’m working on an upgrade of Ubuntu on my computer, and I hadn’t planned for it, or set aside time for it. See, I was trying to install the Linux version of HWP (the Korean wordprocessor that gets the widest use […]

Webdesigner Pal, Anyone?

I need to update my site. Nothing to drastic, actually just some basic modification of what I’ve already got up, though it will be quite different once it’s done. Slick. Hip. Bad. Unlikely to need a new template update for ages, if I get my way. I don’t imagine it’ll take a ton of work, […]