“Lester Young…” Reviewed @ The Fix

What a lovely review of my story Val Grimm has posted at The Fix as part of a review of the July ’08 Asimov’s SF:

Think about the first time you discovered science fiction you enjoyed; remember the wonder and joy you felt, the sort of sensation that makes you twelve years old again. Sellar conjures up that Ray Bradbury-esque golden-hour bliss with a piece which has a traditional feel but glimmers with freshness, originality, and craft…sort of like a good rendition of a jazz standard.

There’s more, and you can read it all here.

(I’m looking forward to when my copy of the magazine arrives, not only to see my story in print, but also because it looks like there’s a lot of great stuff in this issue!)

4 thoughts on ““Lester Young…” Reviewed @ The Fix

  1. Thanks for mentioning the review.

    I meant everything I said.

    And if you haven’t submitted the story to Escape Pod, do it already! ( :

    Looking forward to seeing your next piece.

    Also following your notes on Korean culture and teaching with interest. Found out about the beef protests from you before they got onto the news online over in the states.

  2. Val,

    Thank you, you’ve very kind and generous. I will submit it to Escape Pod posthaste, though noting that the rights won’t be free for a while.

    The next story will be later this year. :)

    And I’m glad my thoughts on this place are of interest to someone outside of Korea. That’s encouraging!

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