Home With Split Head, But Good…

I’m just posting this to say I went to the festival both yesterday and today, met some interesting people, had fun, took a lot of pictures, and will be reporting back soon. (And looking into what I need to do to submit a notice to Locus about it, or whether that’s even possible…) But also to say that I was thinking back on my earlier posts on the SF in South Korea series, and will need to add a preamble to it, explaining how my impressions and opinions have changed since I started looking into this topic.

Both those posts, and the second half of my post on The Host, coming soon. Like, some of that, maybe, tonight, but it depends… I always have a bit of a headache after puzzling my way through even a few hours of solid Korean speech, so I’m taking a break. I realized Lime had never seen the film The Hitch Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, so we’re sharing an ice cream (“eye cream,” as my father used to call it when he was trying to be cute) and watch that.

휴! (Whew!)

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