The Irony of the Universe

So today, my essay on “Fending off Discontentment” is in the Korea Herald. It’s part three of a discussion that started on Tuesday here, and continued on Wednesday here. You can also read the essay online here. Roboseyo has posted a bunch of links to the original posts in the discussion, including the series of mine that led to this essay.

Ironically, the dripping water in my closet has started again because the repairmen seemed to have gone to much greater trouble to re-wallpaper the closet than to prevent water leakage from repeating each time it rains. And since I have class in a couple of hours, I don’t know whether they’re going to manage to finish, and who knows whether they’ll get it done tomorrow in time for me to make it to my appointment.

Yeah, this is one of those things that I mentioned is one of those annoyances that makes it hard to keep positive. Now I have to wash a third of my clothes. I bloody well hope they get the job done right this time.

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