Not American? Vote Anyway. (Virtually.)

Regular commenter Val passed on this cool online experiment. It’s a site where non-Americans could vote for whomever they’d vote for if they were American today. I meant to post this earlier, but I forgot, and now the voting is ended. The results, though, are interesting in their overwhelming majority-ness. Hmm.

One wonders whether conservativism in any government is bound to appeal only to people within that nation, while the liberal government (for a definition of “liberal” relative to the given state, that is) in a given nation is likelier to have appeal internationally?

(For example, many Westerners I know mildly prefer the Korean Left, such as it is, to the Korean Rightwing. Non-Canadians are likelier to be impressed with a Liberal government than the current one. And so on…)

And here’s a Youtube clip about the project.

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