Today is Full of Yaaaaaaar…

Interzone 219: Nov-Dec 2008
Interzone 219 (Dec 2008)

… in a good way.

Not just because there’s buzz about Tesseracts Twelve, including a nice review of my story in it over in Locus (see here, at the bottom of the post), but also because I found out another of my Clarion West stories, “The Country of the Young,” is coming out in Interzone this month!

I’ll be putting up a post soon about “The Country of the Young.” If you’re in Britain, feel free to hit the shops (in a couple of weeks, as it’s not out quite yet). Otherwise, there’s always an eMagazine edition (isn’t there?) at Fictionwise, and I’ll note that when it becomes available.

Now I really need to get writing and submitting again… my “forthcoming” list is getting shorter and shorter! Then again, there is good news, as I’ve finally gotten a little work done on the reworking of a very old story I’ve long wanted to get right, and publish. (A story that was, in its original form, actually included in my MA Thesis collection of short stories.)

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