F&SF International Subscription Discount Deal

If you haven’t tried The Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction because you’ve living abroad and didn’t want to buy Fictionwise eMagazine editions because of the DRM (edit, see below), they’ve got an international subscription special on now. (Until mid-December.) I haven’t read the magazine in a while, or (shame) even caught up on the issues from when I was subscribed (I need to make myself less busy, I know), but those avid genre fans out there might consider it a good way to try it out.

(Then again, if you’re in Korea, you’ll notice that 20% off doesn’t even make up the difference with the shabby state of the won, so maybe trying out an issue at Fictionwise and seeing what you think of the range of fiction, might be a good a idea to start with. And if you like it, the two-year sub shaves off another $5 a year.)

UPDATE: I had mentioned my impression that Fictionwise eMagazines were DRMed, but according to Daniel Jorrison at Fictionwise:

Our eMagazine editions of FSF Magazine are not DRM. All the issues we have going back to 2002 are available as unencrypted MultiFormat eBooks, which means that customers can download in any or all of 13 different non-DRM eBook formats.

Our other eMagazines are non-DRM as well: Asimov’s, Analog, Ellery Queen and Alfred Hitchcock’s Mystery, Interzone, Black Static, Something Wicked, AEon, and Nemesis.

Sorry about the mistake. Then I guess it’s safe to buy eMagazines (and short stories?) from Fictionwise without having to worry about DRM? It’s just the novels that are DRMed, I gather? Anyway… I stand corrected.

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