Gecko Tape? Oil-Defecating Bacteria? Spider Silk Construction Materials?

These are the kinds of things that end up in 8th grade conversational English textbooks when you let an SF writer do some of the content. (The spider silk was actually suggested to me: I just riffed on the theme of biotech.)

It also happens to say a lot that anyone besides an SF writer could look at content like that for such a textbook and say, “Yeah, sure, why not?” Heck of a world we’re in, folks!

But you know, biotech is at least more interesting than, “This is my sister. She is five years old.” Or some of the other stuff that ends up in almost every English textbook in the world.

(The series also uses Anansi stories, though, honest, that wasn’t my idea. Still… ANANSI stories. Neat, huh?)

Yes, I’m on a break from proofreading.

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