Note to all proofreaders:

One sometimes must just say no. One such time is when all the begging, money offers, and other wiles are, you are fully aware, not going to incline you to once again drop all your bloody weekend plans at the last minute, without any warning, and fix typos and gunk that you’ve already marked as needing revision three times before.

Because if you politely point out that the time constraints are just impossible, then what you’ll get is a promise that the thing will be sent to you Friday afternoon, and not Friday night. And no, Monday not-morning is not soon enough, you say? Ah, but it’s the last time, pleeeeeeease…

Sigh. I’m still coming out, Robo, if you post a place to arrive at.

6 thoughts on “Grrr.

  1. Robo,



    Yeah, I understand. And I’m coming around to that. If it were something I wasn’t attached to personally from the beginning, I’d just be saying no, too. It really is making me skeptical about even authoring again.

    Though, really, an author shouldn’t be the final proofreader. That’s a general rule anyway. You miss too much from having seen the thing a million times already.

    And hey, we need to get together… uh, well, maybe not exactly soon, but soonish…

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